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Teachers Gain Resources to Enhance Hospitality Education in China

During their summer break, 310 hospitality teachers from 129 vocational schools and universities in 23 Chinese provinces attended the annual China Hospitality Education Initiative (CHEI) Teaching Conference. Held at the Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan on July 11-14, the conference was themed Collaboration: Together is Better! 

CHEI is a project of The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation that offers a portfolio of programs, including the teaching conference, to enhance hospitality education. Many educators in China have limited exposure to real-world hospitality operations. They also have few opportunities to network with industry professionals, academic experts or peers. The conference brings industry and academia together and offers workshops and activities that enable attendees to network, experience hotel operations first-hand, and gain knowledge and resources to incorporate into their classrooms to better prepare students for career success.

Group photo from the China Hospitality Education Initiative (CHEI) Teaching Conference

“CHEI has grown exponentially and primarily by word of mouth,” said Anne Gunsteens, executive director of The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation. “We were thrilled this year to welcome teachers from 129 schools. Our conference theme of collaboration was brought to life by speakers from Marriott International; San Diego State University, universities in China, Singapore and the United States; STR (Smith Travel Research) and Culinary Institute of America. CHEI is proud to help elevate academic hospitality and tourism programs by providing professional development resources for teachers.”

Conference attendees included school presidents and government officials. Craig S. Smith, Marriott International’s president and managing director of Asia Pacific, and Chairman Yao, the host hotel’s owner, attended the closing gala celebration to network with educators and show their support.

“Each year, the conference hotel staff transforms the venue into a learning laboratory that engages the teachers in exciting, educational activities that offer insights into hotel operations and event planning,” said Joy Dong, CHEI project director. “This year, associates from different hotel departments choreographed performances to entertain and inspire educators about various aspects of hotel operations.”

Teachers gain knowledge and resources to use in classrooms

A visionary project of The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation, CHEI was developed in partnership with global academic and industry advisors, including San Diego State University and Marriott International. CHEI’s goal is to enhance hospitality education in China to better prepare students for meaningful hospitality and tourism careers, improving the socio-economic status of youth.

CHEI was initially funded with a commitment of RMB 40.5 million (USD 6.5 million) in 2013. Since then, more than 800 educators have participated in CHEI train the teacher programs—the only such programs in China. These educators are having an impact on more than 100,000 hospitality students. CHEI programs include:

Quotes from conference attendees: 

Originally launched as a five-year project, the Marriott Foundation has committed to provide support for another five years. During this time, CHEI intends to continue to build on its success, further localize programs and increase its capacity to meet the growing demand for CHEI programs from schools across mainland China. Visit for more information about CHEI programs.

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